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Full Kitchen Design Services Overview

Blum's kitchen design solutions encompass a wide range of products, including hinges, drawer systems, lift systems, and inner dividing systems. These components are designed to enhance the usability and efficiency of kitchen spaces while also adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Kitchen Pocket Doors

Kitchen pocket doors offer a stylish and space-saving solution for modern kitchen designs. These innovative doors slide seamlessly into a wall cavity, eliminating the need for traditional swing space and maximizing usable floor area. Ideal for small kitchens or areas where space is at a premium, pocket doors create a sleek and uncluttered aesthetic while providing easy access to cabinets, pantries, or other areas. With their smooth and silent operation, kitchen pocket doors enhance convenience and functionality, allowing for effortless movement between different sections of the kitchen. Additionally, they can be customized to match the overall design theme, whether it's contemporary, rustic, or minimalist, making them a versatile and practical choice for any kitchen space.

We offer you,

  • On-Site Survey
  • No-Sales Pitch
  • We help you find the right Kitchen to suit your home
  • Laser Measurements
  • Full PDF Plans provided with measurements and cabinet details

Not only this, but also,

  • We will help you order your kitchen
  • Computer Animated Design (PDF)
  • Experienced, Fully Qualified & Top Designers
  • Leave the design to the experts
  • We plan to bring the best out of the room

We Provide Quality Services

With vigilance, creativity, and persistence in mind, we have created our brand that aims to provide you nothing but the best kitchen cabinets & new kitchen units for your new fitted kitchen. Our business values are uncompromised which is reflected through the satisfaction of our customers nationwide.

Unique Design

Designs that combine style and functionality, well-thought styles for both vintage and modern kitchens.

Smooth Installation

Seamless installation of our kitchen fittings with the help of our skilled workers.

Fast Delivery

Safe Nationwide delivery within 10 days. Free delivery on orders above £300.