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Cost Guide for a New Fitted Kitchen UK 2021

It is a major investment to get a new kitchen built. Yet, an incredible kitchen can make a house a home and divert your kitchen from a room you cook dinners into a space for loved ones to associate in. Even better, a new kitchen quite often enhances the real value of your property. 

A quick web look for 'new kitchen' will raise different organizations all competing for your consideration by offering bargains on new kitchen fit-outs. 

Also, would you like to go the normal course of pre-manufactured cupboards and decorations or pay more for customizable, bespoke plans? 

In any case, the expense of a new kitchen can appear to be huge at the start, as even the most affordable spending alternatives will set you back a couple of thousand pounds. 

The layout, size, and required appearance of your kitchen are major factors that will make the cost vary, and in case you're looking for big designer brands and appliances, it'll probably cost a bit more. 

By and large, the expense of a new kitchen in the UK will lounge around the £8,000 mark, including removing the old one, labour, materials and other extra expenses. 

New Kitchen Cost 

Remodelling your current kitchen takes a great deal of time and exertion and the labour charges related to the job will reflect this.


At the point when you recruit a kitchen fitter, they may not be able to complete wiring or plumbing work thus they will subcontractor work with a related electrician and plumber. This will increase work costs as there will be profit margins for each worker. In any case, in light of the fact that the kitchen fitting company will have a long-standing relationship with these workers, it's probably going to be less expensive than recruiting every worker separately. 

A sole-broker run, autonomous kitchen fitting business may cite you upwards of £2,000 for work alone, however, the value breakdown in the model beneath will clarify why. 

Example of New Kitchen Cost Breakdown

Task Specification:

 Average kitchen requires approximately 2 weeks of work by kitchen fitter including removing and discarding existing kitchen, evacuation of existing flooring, putting, rerouting wires and lines, tiling floor, installing kitchen units, worktops, and appliances, and painting and brick tiling. 


Workers required and compensation every day: 

Kitchen fitter (£120 – £180)

Electrician (around £200) 

Plumber (around £120) 

Plasterer with a helper (£200 to £200) 

For this situation, the plasterer and plumber may just be required for three days out of the fourteen days, which means that their total wages combined are around £550. The electrical expert might be required at different stages throughout the task with their pay totalling to an amount of around £900. The kitchen fitter will probably cost you around £1,000+ for about 2 weeks of work. 

Add onto this the normal average of £4,000+ for your selected materials and units, and you'll find the price moving towards the £8,000 national average we referenced before. 

This model depends on costs cited by a nearby kitchen fitter outside of the capital. So if you live in the South, expect work costs to be higher. You can save money by removing your current kitchen yourself as numerous kitchen fitters will quote prices based on installation services only.

FAQ - New Kitchen Cost 

For what reason would somebody need a new kitchen? 

A new kitchen will modernize the most important part of your home and conceivably increase the value of your property. 

As long as you budget and make a plan successfully, the scope of choices you can choose when planning your new kitchen can be endless. You can decide to go pre-manufactured, custom, or a blend of the two, and the wide assortment of materials accessible permit you to put your own touch onto the task. 

Furthermore, deciding to work with a neighbourhood kitchen fitter to finish your redesign project will result in low cost and that also without conceding on high standard work. 


What are the impediments of a new kitchen? 

The principle drawback of a new kitchen is, obviously, the expense. It's a critical venture that can without much of a stretch turn crazy except if you deal with your spending plan successfully. 

You may likewise find that by fitting a whole new kitchen, you're going through cash you don't have to. In some cases, simply replacing certain features of your current kitchen can have an enormous impact. 


Are there options in contrast to a new kitchen? 

In the event that your kitchen needs remodel but you do not have financial resources for having a complete new kitchen installation then you may wish to consider replacing portions of your current kitchen.

The cost of work for supplanting worktops in your kitchen can go somewhere in the range of £200 and £450, excluding the worktops themselves. In case that you have a small kitchen, you might have the option to find discount materials as cut-offs at a builders’ supply merchants. It is better to ask potential fitters to look out for such discounted material and if you request through them, you may get a decrease in cost as well.

In some cases, changing the cabinet doors in your kitchen is everything necessary to make your kitchen look modern and new. Labour cost for this is in the range of £100 and £300, contingent upon who you recruit, and as in the past, it very well might be conceivable to find out a second hand or ex-show materials for your kitchen at a lower cost. 

Refreshing the floor of a kitchen – particularly if the current deck is old linoleum or tiles – can significantly affect its appearance. You might be shocked to locate that the cost of hard-wearing, wood or tile impact tile appropriate for kitchen flooring can cost from as meagre as £25 per square meter! 


What are the major advantages of a new kitchen? 

Not exclusively will a new kitchen modernize your home, yet it will furnish a chance to manage any old and flawed wiring or plumbing issues you might be encountering. 

A certified plumber or electrician might have the option to replumb or rewire your kitchen to fit newer, more effective appliances while guaranteeing wellbeing inside the room. Since 2008, it is a lawful prerequisite to have a Residual Current Device (RCD) in your kitchen. Having one introduced as a component of your kitchen remodel venture will save costs later down the line. 

Who can I buy a new kitchen from?

Most homeowners in the UK pick prefabricated kitchen plans while doing up their kitchens. These are, obviously, less expensive than having bespoke cabinets being made and they are likewise more promptly accessible. 

Having a spending plan before you start kitchen shopping is significant as there are many organizations out there offering enticing additions to your new kitchen that may push up the end cost. Utilizing a local kitchen fitter will normally save you money.


Should my kitchen fitter be a member of anything (trade body, government registration scheme, etc?)

A kitchen fitter doesn't need any qualifications to do their work, yet it's reasonable to check their set of experiences and experience levels. If a kitchen fitter is working for an organization, verify whether they're British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) enlisted. 

Also, a kitchen fitter will frequently subcontractor work with a related plumber and electrician. The plumber ought to be Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) licensed, and the electrician might be NICEIC certified. You can check the statuses of your likely plumber and electrician by entering their names and details into the relevant websites.


Before I get a new kitchen fitted, what to ask a potential installer? 

Having a kitchen fitted is not a small decision and it will cause disturbance for a brief period. So it's just common that you'll need your kitchen fitter to facilitate any worries you may have with respect to the work.


You may wish to ask them the following inquiries: 

How long will the work take? 

Will I need to empty the premises anytime? 

Can I see your cost/wage gauge sheets? 

Do you or your subcontracted partners have the applicable accreditations to do this work?

How long have you been working in the industry?


What amount of time does it require to install a new kitchen? 

The time is taken to finish it can vary, depending on the scope of your kitchen renovation project.

As a guideline, you can estimate about two weeks for the work to be done for an average-sized kitchen that needs stripping out, rewiring and replumbing installation, and redecoration. 

While it may take no more than two or three days each for several of the individual jobs involved in fitting a kitchen, including removing the old units, rewiring, and installing new cabinets. You need to consider time for plastering as this may take up to a week to dry. 

Of course, depending on what is being done to it, an incredibly large kitchen renovation may take much longer. Are you thinking the old flooring is getting rid of? Can the final touches be applied by the painter and decorator? Are the kitchen units pre-fabricated, or are you going to hire an on-site carpenter to create custom cabinets?

Not only do you have to take into account the amount of time these works can take, but also the traders' schedules. If the contractors you select are especially busy, you might be holding up a day or two in the middle of phases of work. 


Why should I get a new kitchen quote from TKC KITCHENS?

Since kitchen prices may vary so widely, the wide range of quotes and estimates given to you by different kitchen fitters can confuse you. It is best to get as many quotes as possible so that you can compare them with each other while giving each fitter an opportunity to bring down their prices to secure your custom.

Leading retailers in the sector will quote up to £ 4,000 without plastering, flooring, or tiles to match a kitchen. An independent fitter will be able to quote between £ 1,500 and £ 2,000 depending on the customer's needs, for the same plus plastering, tiling, and flooring.

With TKC Kitchen you can get the best quote guaranteeing a high standard of work and seamless delivery of kitchen beating quotes of all other top kitchen installation companies.


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