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5 Colours for Modern Kitchen Trends in 2021

The use of the full colour palette has gained ground in recent years when it comes to colours for fitted new kitchens. Previously this was only restricted to the use of white, brown or grey colour. This has changed, so we're going to show you a lot of possible colours and variations that can be used to create a new and updated kitchen.

For those who own their first house, the kitchen is a fascinating room to decorate, as they have probably never thought of doing it before and now that they are in front of it, dozens of ideas must go through the mind. What we're going to see next are just some suggestions for colour patterns to achieve a modern 2021 decor.


1- Blue kitchen colour trends

This is one of the most used colours in kitchen designs overall in the last few years. For the year 2021 following colours are in trend.

Pastel blue

Pastel kitchens are more popular than ever. The dark floor really helps connect the space.

Navy blue

Nautical blue can carry a lot of superiority and stylishness. It can be used in its bright or dark varieties.

2-Grey kitchen colour trends

Grey cabinets help give a classic and elegant look. You can use different shades of grey, as we see below. When the time comes to decorate the kitchen, everyone adores grey colour nowadays, it is one of the utmost selected colours for new kitchens. It is very adaptable, as it seems to mix with almost any colour.


Light Grey:

Light grey is one of the latest kitchen colour trends giving a stylish look to the kitchen. It gives a modern, fresh and bright space, ideal to spend active all day.

Dust Grey:

Dust grey is in trend for people liking darker kitchens but also want their kitchen to look very stylish.

3-White kitchen colour trends

According to the trends in fashion colours for interior paint 2021, White colour is one of the stars of this year and the same is expected for the year 2021.

As an alternative to pure white, you can also select a classic cream. This colour is relaxing and warm. The cream tone goes with nearly any colour.

4-Green kitchen colour trends

In recent months, the green colour has been one of the most used in kitchen decoration, and all suggests that it will continue to be so in 2021.


With elegant appliances and modern materials, this beautiful colour can be a great option. If you like green, but you want something quieter, as we see in these cabinets in the photo below, you might consider a darker shade.


Mint green:

If you are enthusiastic to start from scratch and put decent money into the kitchen, we would personally recommend this attractive design Mint colour. If you are pointing to a more old-fashioned style, then a retro-style fridge in this shade of green can be wonderful.

5-Brown kitchen colour trends

Intense colours have won a place in modern kitchens, appearing more and more prominent in those that use wood, stainless steel and concrete designs.

If you have a lot of light brown colour with grey shade adds a little heat to the kitchen. When using dark brown colour, make sure to include a few details in light green or yellow, to brighten the space a bit.

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